It’s That time AGAIN!

Time to Get up and get moving for justice!

September 1st – September 14th 2021



Welcome to Relay for Justice 2021! Last year, as COVID-19 altered cities around the world, Relay for Justice was launched as a way for each of us to connect despite the lockdown. It served as an opportunity for friends and supporters of Legal Aid Chicago to get active, learn more about civil justice history, and maintain support for the work of our attorneys.

What is Relay for Justice?

Relay for Justice is a two-week virtual walk, run, and bike event, hosted by Legal Aid Chicago’s Ambassadors Board that begins on September 1st. The world has opened up again, and Legal Aid Chicago still strives to energize and engage our friends and supporters. So if you are still working from home, restarting your commute, or living in another part of the world, you can still support Legal Aid Chicago as we Relay for Justice!

We will virtually move throughout the country and “stop” in various cities that mark vital moments of justice and advocacy in civil law during those two weeks. We provide a Relay for Justice web portal where (once registered) you can log your miles, view the miles of your contacts or connection, and/or form a group where you can compete against other groups. This is a fun activity for friends, families, and coworkers that double as a fundraising opportunity.

We will begin the relay at our office located in downtown Chicago. Each participant will take turns picking up the symbolic baton, and together, we will move forward from location to location until we end at the Supreme Court steps in Washington D.C.

How to Participate?

Join us for some fresh air by getting up, getting out, and getting active. Take a walk around your neighborhood and smell the flowers, commute to the office by bike, or log your daily morning runs. However, you decide to get active, do it for Legal Aid Chicago!

We ask that you log into our registration portal each day and add your miles to our tracker. We will compile all participant’s mileage to see how far we go together. Each stop offers us the opportunity to remember past achievements in the fight for justice, to see how far we’ve collectively come and how far we have to go. Each of us has the opportunity to carry the symbolic baton of justice forward for future generations.

Register today, and when they run begins on Wednesday, September 1st, begin posting pictures of yourself before, during, or after your relay activity and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn with the hashtags #RelayforJustice2021 and #LegalAidChicago.

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